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Inherent Rights Summary
Inherent Rights Exist Because You exist.

Inherent Rights are the essense of a Free People, of Free Men and Free Women.

These fundamental Rights are individual Properties
that cannot be transferred, gifted, bought, sold or surrendered.

First among the Rights of Liberty is the Right to exist.

Next among the rights of Liberty is the right to own, enjoy and dispose of Property.

At the top of the Property list is the property of Inherent Rights themselves.

Liberty is a meaningless term if the exercise of Rights can be arbitrarily limited or denied.
Any "civil right" or "civil privilege" granted by an "authority" is ephemeral
 and is more logically described by the term "privilege".
Privileges are arbitrarily created, granted or denied by a civil or military Superior Authority".

Privileges are grants of immunity for conduct which would otherwise be prohibited and therefore cannot qualify as "Rights".

A Right that is not exercised or cannot be defended is no "Right" at all.

Among the innumerable Rights that our founders considered sufficiently important to recognize explicitely
are those essential for Liberty, enumerated in the Declaration and characterized by our Constitution.

These are few, but critically essential, if we are to exist, engage in liberty and self-determination,
to be capable of self-government, and to retain possession of these powers.

These are the inherent Rights of Human existance: Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

Freedom and to communicate by speech and by publication
Freedom to associate and assemble
Freedom to petition the government
Freedom to keep and bear arms.

The first three prohibitions on government use of powers
are those necessary to ensure self-government,
anf to peacably alter or remove government when we deem it in our best interest.

The right to keep and bear arms is the assurance that our will is enforceable
 upon a recalcitrant government population.

Liberty of all other Rights flow from the enforcement of these few enumerated Rights.

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Words alone cannot Secure or Defend Liberty.

Welcome to My Challenge to Recover Our Liberty!

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Liberty is never given; it must always be taken and aggressively defended.