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Welcome, Neighbor!
Before you begin your visit, ask yourself if you believe our governments have the same powers as other governments of the world.

If this is your understanding and belief, I suggest that you read "Sovereignty" before you continue to other pages. I explain there that our governments are very much different from other governments and why ours are so different. The distinction is crucially important and you may be surprised at your new understanding.

In these pages of explanation and information, I judge the conduct of people in government very harshly. The criticism is just. I am also critical of our own neglect of our duty to hold the people of government to the purpose and limits of our constitutions.

Whether you are a member of the People or of the Government, good deeds and good intentions are not justification for the abandonment of our Declared Purpose and Constitutional Processes for Self-Governing and Self-Determination of our Free Socoety. No authority granted for governing exists for abandonment of constitutional purpose or provision except by formal debate and proper amendment by the People. If our purpose, form or processes for government are to be changed or abandoned, it is the SOLE authority of the People, and NONE of any of the people in government who shall decide and act with authority.

Thomas Jefferson commented with great accuracy, "The two enemies of the People are criminals and government, so let us tie down the second with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”

Today, the institutions of our legislatures, courts and executives have neither the power nor the will to curb the unlawful conduct of ambitious people in government. By this circumstance, our governments have abandoned their purpose and legitimacy, no longer serving nor representing the consent of the People.

I hope that you will rediscover your own true Liberty, Rights, Powers and Authority of your life before you leave these pages.

Join me to recover control of our governments
and to restore our rights and liberty.

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