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Taxation and Liberty
Taxation and Liberty are antagonistic in principle. If we establish government, we establish a duty to pay the bills of proper and just government.

Taxation however, cannot be a tool for government to deny or regulate fundamental rights and liberty. The principle is this, if your employer is a corporation, a tax on your employer's profit on income from the labor you provide to him is properly taxable, but your wages do not create a tax liability for you. The direct benefit a Citizen derives from his talent and labor is his existance, not his profit.

There are excellent legal arguments that the Federal and State governments are engaged in a grand fraud by imposing taxes based on individual "income". The principle arguments are based upon the laws and regulations, not upon philosophy of Constitutional government.

I will continue this essay at a later time, but for now, I recommend that you introduce yourself to the arguments and real possibility that people in government have lied, cheated and stolen the Citizens substance and driven us into virtual bankruptcy with a debt that cannot be repaid for at least three or four more generations.

View at least the Dave Champion's site, for some basic truth about the IRS criminal fraud.

(Also, visit Dave's sites and
ALWAYS ASK - Does the law (tax) preserve my rights and defnd my liberty? If it does not, it cannot be a constitutionally valid law for a Free People. Taxes on the benefits of common occupation are destructive of our society and in opposition to the purpose of our governments.

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