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Corruption and Insurrection
Within Our Institutions
We find ourselves again at the familiar crossroads of choice
between submission to tyranny and renewal of liberty.
Rebellion in government
Our Constitutions no longer have a controlling effect upon the the conduct of our servants, nor in the laws, regulations and policies that are imposed upon us each moment of our lives. We have allowed ourselves and our lives to be indentured by our representatives and bureaucrats to the desires and destinations of our private and public institutions. Citizenship status, state or federal, has devolved to a functionally meaningless legal term.
Insurrection and seditious conduct by people in government
The people of government believe they rule; they believe and act as if the Citizens are their subjects; they carelessly take time and seize the labor of the Citizens for their own purposes; they have indentured the liberty, labor and lives of our children for service into the next century. We have become accustomed to these unforgivable offenses.
Insurrection in our Institutions:
The people in our governing institutions deliberately and openly inform us that our federal Constitution is an archaic, anachronistic and irrelevant document and they further proclaim no intention of paying more than insignificant lipservice to the provisions it contains.

They call our constitutions "living documents", they disregard the printed words, they redefine absolute provisions defending individual liberty and rights, they share divided powers among the branches and among the governments of the states, thus creating a national government without our consent, perverting our state authorities and reducing them to simple sub-units of the federal bureaucracy, and finally, reducing our Citizens and People to capital and labor resources, subjects of substitute government without our consultation or agreement.

The abandonment of protections of liberty assured by the first amendment ensure innumerable prohibitions, prosecutions, forfeitures and incarcerations.

The abrogation of the protections of the second amendment assures our inability to resist additional political insults.

The first unconstitutional war of conquest in the history of our country, includes the federal government's claim to secret arrest, secret detention, secret evidence, secret trial and even torture in further abrogation of the fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth amendment protections and suggest imminent total abandonment of limits on federal authority.

These government crimes represent only a few quick and obvious observations that are either common knowledge or are easily verified. The crimes of the men and women of our governments are extensive and cruel. Often the crimes of government upon the People create unnecessary "privileges", which are then asserted to accrue "benefits", which "offset encumbered rights" of victims of the crimes.

Rarely will a member of our government admit that the content of the Declaration of Independence remains as the fundamental guiding principle for the construction of all aspects of our governments. They consciously understand that the roles of Citizen and Servant have been reversed, and few of them are discouraged by the reversal.

Sedition Among our Judiciary and Law Enforcement:
Arrest, Prosecution and Judgment are elements of the apparatus of  Law Enforcement in the United States and the states. Each has departed irrevocably from governance by law and almost without exception now connive for personal rule by the vulgar policies of local personalities. The practical governing legal definitions of life, liberty, property and self-determination now vary with the details of particular accusations, judicial venue, individual judge or justice, jurisdiction of the prosecution and the end result desired by the government. Often, even these abused principles change radically and rapidly, depending upon the number of stubborn witnesses and the quality of accidental unofficial audio and video recordings.

All our agencies of law and justice have deemed themselves to be self-disciplining organizations, accountable only to themselves and culprits face essentially no effective, independent oversight. The incestuous relationships between the men and women enforcers on the street, in the prosecutors' suits and on the bench create a very unholy alliance that assures virtually total individual unaccountability for crimes committed against the States and the People and practically guarantees the sustained injustice necessary to maintain 99%+ conviction rates.

Judges, attorneys, prosecutors and LEOs (ordinary law enforcement officers) must face the same processes as ordinary People when accused of criminal conduct. The same standards of evidence and legal process, the same juries and the same courts are perfectly suitable to hear, evaluate and pronounce competent judgment on the conduct of these professions. The argument most often offered for inbreeding of disciplinary functions claims the peculiar psychological and emotional aspects acting on these professions somehow make their individual criminal conduct acceptable and their crimes, legal ... merely because their private standards of internal review say it is so. These private disciplinary processes are unacceptable. Accusations of criminality by "professionals" must be prosecuted and adjudicated by the same processes applied to accusations of criminality to the Citizenry outside the professional communities.

Corrupted Juries:
Our juries, both petite and grand, the essential bulwarks of Citizens between the inherent Power of the People and the corruption of powers wielded by the people in government, have been emasculated by ignorance and weakness of the jurors under constant, aggressive deceits and misrepresentation by prosecutors and the judiciary. In most cases, from county to federal, grand juries are tools of the judges and prosecutors, a condition which can be easily rectified by education of the jurors and effective discipline of offending prosecutors and their cooperating judges. The Judiciary and Executive are adamantly and aggressively opposed to effective and independent jury conduct, to the extent that they openly engage in jury tampering, intimidation and occasionally actual imprisonment of independent juries and jurors.

Until law enforcement, prosecution and court officials face personal and certain accountability for their misdeeds and crimes, the law will continue to be what individual prosecutors and judges claim it to be, the conduct of officers on the street will reflect the desires of the "criminal system" and "crime" will vary with the winds of changing policies and shifting objectives of those who rule. These are unlawful, irrational and unacceptable policies.

The Masters Return
It is necessary therefore, as proves necessary from time to time, to reassert our authority of true sovereignty over the pretensions of our servants, and that time is long overdue. They have become insolent and overbearing, presuming powers and privileges over us that they do not hold, or if furtively purloined and unlawfully held, which they shall not be allowed to hold much longer.

These burdens must be thrown off. Rebellious governing institutions and public servants must be confronted and denied their rebellion.

Our institutions must be cleared of seditious policies and our servants restored to only the diminished numbers and and lawful duties required by us in our service. We must serve the pretenders with an example of our authority sufficient that future public servants will fear and heed our instructions.


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