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Welcome Fellow Realist and Patriot
We depend upon your Good Sense and Practical Wisdom
Political humorist Will Rogers once commented,
"It ain't what you don't know that'll kill you...
it's what you think you know, that just ain't so!"

Belief, even false belief, is comforting
For most of us, it is easier to believe things are just hunky-dory with our political, economic and social systems than to acknowledge that we are in deep trouble on all counts.

As a practical exercise, we shall now set belief aside. We will examine the physical documents and the observable policies and practices of government people and institutions. We will examine modern law and policy to assure that they reflect the spontaneous and dynamic direction of our collective Citizens, or to confirm instead, some esoteric destination of presumptive "rulers". I am convinced that we have been betrayed by our leaders and I can demonstrate their logic by illuminating their conduct and processes.

Our liberty and rights have been stolen and replaced with fakes
Our liberty is no safer than the currency in our wallet or purse. If we stop to consider the real conduct of our lives, we are only superficially free, our liberty is truly lost. We have some of the effects of rights, but we have no rights that anyone in government will respect. We are free to choose our beer or milk brand, but our choices must be government approved and regulated. That is not a choice of liberty, but selection under a grant of privilege. Most people do not bother to consider whether their liberty is real or ersatz, most of them actualy prefer the picture over the Real McCoy!

Information and Education are the first presentations
I bring to the discussion research, documentation and observation. Knowledge is power. Ignorance is debilitating or fatal. In our current state of government insurrection, to be politically ignorant can easily and unexpectedly deteriorate into imprisonment, pain or death under color of law.

Insurrection - Who, How and Why
So first, I will explain in great detail what it is that we've lost, what our representatives and public servants have done, and how they did it, so that we will all be on the same page when we discuss how we might accomplish the recovery of our rights, powers and liberty.

Contemplating Conflict and Force
Then, we will decide if the danger and cost of conflict are worth the effort.


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