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Principles of Sovereignty and Self-Government
Sovereignty is our Birthright

Inherent Rights, Powers, Liberty and Sovereignty
We are each born in full possession of inherent (natural) rights equal to any and all other humans.

No government has inherent rights or powers. It follows that no government can grant you or me any right or power we do not already fully possess from birth. No person in government can hold or exercise a power that you or I do not already possess.

Social Cooperation and Coexistence in Constructing Government
Coexistence of individual powers for the cooperation of society is necessary for peace and prosperity. These are the powers and purpose of government.

There are essentially only two forms of social cooperation:

Cooperation under Collectivism is essentially involuntary, coerced and imposed by people in government. Individual rights and liberty are surrendered in order for the government to secure the "public good" and are returned in part as licensed and registered privileges.

Self determinism
Cooperation under Self-Determinism is essentially voluntary, spontaneous and without interference by people in government. Individual rights and liberty are valued and protected by both government and Citizens as the source of the public good..

Our State and Federal Governments
Sovereignty of our society and for governing resides in our Citizens, the People of the states, not in our governments. Each of our fifty states has a Constitution and a republican form of government.

Some individual sovereign powers are delegated to our representatives for exercise as "republican government".

Delegated governing powers represent, but do not replace, the authority and powers of the Citizens, the People. It is a common error for people in government to create powers not delegated and to expand powers beyond what is delegated.

The foundation for all our governments is established by our Declaration of Independence.

The form of our self-government is defined by our Constitution and state Constitutions.

Our state and federal governments are created to defend our liberty and to preserve individual rights as a self-governed and self determined society.

Our federal government is a creation of the People's States.

Federal "Supremacy" is severely limited to enumerated duties on behalf of the union's States.

Delegated powers for governing are few and limited. Most delegated powers are reserved to the States. All powers not delegated for governing are reserved to the People, the Citizens. In theory, our Citizens Command, our Governments Obey.

Public Servants - The people who serve in governing capacities have no powers of common or individual sovereignty when acting in their public capacities. They are creatures created by the law. The Law, of course, is created by the People.

The Citizen's self-governing power has been lost to government insurrection.
I intend that this loss be very temporary.

Call to Action
VOTE in November!
Vote for anyone but the incumbent as your selection for Representative.

Destruction of Seniority is the key to unlock the Power of our Vote.

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