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California state Citizen for Congress
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Licenses and Entitlements
Policies of Deception
Conversion of Rights to Permits

The people of government fear the liberty and individual rights inherent in a Free People.

Liberty has no arbitrary rules and requires no license, permit, fee or other condition.

Most of our liberty has been surrendered under coercion by deception and threat of armed force.
Deception and bribery disguise most government crimes.

The criminalization of inherent rights in order to license their exercise
is the most common criminal abuse of governing authority.

This crime is personified by the institution of drivers licenses and entitlement programs.
Every free Citizen has surrendered his rights and abandoned his liberty
by submitting to these government frauds.
He receives nothing in return
that he did not at first already have without any government interference.
For nothing, he has surrendered his rights and liberty
and submitted to the fraudulent "benefits" of controls and taxation by government.

Entitlement programs are useful tools under which virtually every inherent right and liberty
is surrendered by most of the people of America
and under which our children are indoctrinated to accept the government substitutes
of privilege and permission for inherent rights and liberty.

Drivers licensing is an exceptionally effective fraud which government uses
to identify, control and tax virtually every person in America.
Common driver licensing has no actual public health or safety value or function.
It is strictly a coercion and revenue program as applied to ordinary people.
Under common drivers licensing programs, as with the entitlement programs,
false presumptions of authority of the government are impressed, indoctrinated and enforced,
creating a very broad and effective police state that cannot be successfully challenged or changed.

Neither of these programs are mandatory, but each is imposed as if it were mandatory.

These are criminal programs.

They destroy the fabric of our society, they convert our rights and liberty to privileges and permission.
They divert our property to strange hands and for purposes we do not control.
They teach our children to serve and to submit to the show of authority without complaint or objection.
Through these programs, they own us, our lives and our future.

Today, our chains are loose and well-padded.
We feel them only when we desire to exercise our rights or liberty.
We are told that we have no ovens or gulags, and that those atrocities cannot happen here.
What then, do you call unlimited secret detainment without charge, arrest, counsel or trial?
What then is official endorsement of torture?
What then, do you call the murder of the men women and children of Waco?
What then, do you call the conquest of Iraq?
How is it possible that the Federal government could identify Bin Laden
as the man responsible for the 9-11 tragedy even as the event was occurring?
How is it possible that every recent tragedy has been bulldozed
within a week of its occurrence with all physical evidence destroyed in place?
Why won't the IRS or the Treasury answer direct questions
to identify what law actually imposes a tax on common wages?
Must tyranny visit you or your family for it to be real?
When it does, and it will, you will have no rescue.

It is better to work today to avoid the inevitable destruction of our government
than to wait until nothing is possible.

Write-In my name, Henry Nicolle
for the 24th Congressional District, House of Representatives

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