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Licenses and Entitlements
Policies of Deception
Conversion of Rights to Permits

The people of government fear the liberty and individual rights inherent in a Free People.

Liberty has no arbitrary rules and requires no license, permit, fee or other condition.

Most of our liberty has been surrendered under coercion by deception and threat of armed force.
Deception and bribery disguise most government crimes.

The two most common criminal abuses of governing authority are
the criminalization of natural rights in order to license their exercise and the theft of our property,
with the offer of its partial return as a benefit for further surrender of our rights and liberty.

These two crimes are the institutions of drivers licenses and enttitlement programs.
Every free Citizen has surrendered his rights and abandoned his liberty
by submitting to these frauds commtted by government.

Entitlement programs are useful tools under which virtually every inherent right and liberty
is surrendered by most of the people of America
and by which we and our children
are indoctrinated to accept the government substitutes
of privilege and permission for inherent rights and liberty.

Drivers licensing is an effective program which government uses
to identify, control and tax virtualy every person in America.
Driver licensing has no actual public health or safety value or function.
It is strictly a coersion and revenue program as applied to ordinary people.
Under drivers licensing programs, in conjunction with the entitlement programs,
the authority of the government is impressed, indoctrinated and enforced,
creating a very broad and effective police state that cannot be successfully challenged or changed.

Neither of these programs are mandatory, but each is imposed as if it were mandatory.
These are criminal programs.
They destroy the fabric of our society, they convert our rights and liberty to privileges and permission,
they divert our property to strange hands and for purposes we do not control,
they teach our children to serve and to submit without complaint or objection.
Through these programs, they own us, our lives and our future.

Today, our chains are loose and well-padded.
We feel them only when we desire to exerices our rights or liberty.
We are told that we have no ovens or gulags, that those atrocities cannot happen here.
What then, do you call unlimited secret detainment without charge, arrest, counsel or trial?
What then is official endorsement of torture?
What then, do you call the murder of the men women and children of Waco?
What then, do you call the conquest of Iraq?
How is it possible that the Federal government could identify Bin Laden
as the man responsible for the 9-11 tragedy even as the event was occurring?
How is it possible that every recent tragedy has been bulldozed
within a week of its occurrance with all physical evidence destroyed in place?
Why won't the IRS or the Treasury answer direct questions
to identify what law actually imposes a tax on common wages?
Must tyranny visit you or your family for it to be real?
When it does, and it will, you will have no rescue.

It is better to work today to avoid the inevitable destruction of our government
than to wait until nothing is possible.

Government People are Cheats, Frauds and Criminals or Accomplices to Criminal Conduct
It wasn't always like this, at least not for the universal effect we now must acknowledge. There is certainly no rational purpose to allowing them to continue their criminal conduct.

Criminalization of common rights, then regulating and licensing to permit the exercise of those rights as new "privileges" has been the favorite tool for abuse of government powers. It has become the primary tool for eliminating self-determination in the United States.

The creation of "Benefit Programs", in which the surrender of inherent rights is necessary for participation and participation is alleged to be mandatory, is the second most common deceptive abuse of authority utilized to strip us of our rights and liberty.

It is unconstitutional for government to pass laws contrary to the purpose of our constitutions. Such laws are not laws at all and need not be obeyed. The purpose and effect of the licensing and benefit programs just mentioned are contrary to our beneft and are unconstitutional as applied.

Our purpose of constitutional government is to preserve our liberty and protect our rights. It is contrary to simple logic for the people in government to outlaw our inherent rights in order to license their conditional and regulated exercise or to induce us to accept a benefit.

Government Crimes of Drivers Licensing, Automobile Regulation and Mandatory Insurance
An excellent example of government abuse of our liberty under the color of law is the fraud of licensing private drivers and regulating their automobiles. This unconstitutional destruction and regulation of our right to acquisition, ownership, use and disposition of property in the form of a private automobile illustrates the common government process of deliberate destruction of our rights and liberty.

The people in our governments recognized that a people who believe themselves to be free will actively convert their labor and talent to property. A free people are also energetic, social and curious. When they create property, they travel, trade and dispose of one property for another. Nearly every individual of a free society travels, creates, utilizes and disposes of property.

Government people are never content to tax only the excess production of the People and have undertaken control of the sources of prosperity. They have criminalized free travel, acquisition, ownership, use and disposition of private cars, trucks and other private conveyances.

Private Travel, Private Property and Private Contracts are Crimes
Did you object, saying that you can travel; and it is not a crime? You are partly correct. Without a driver's license or the assistance of someone with a license to provide transport, you may walk about, provided that you restrain your stroll to those areas and times in which pedestrian traffic is permitted by the government. Do you want to take some item of personal property with you? Say, your sofa? Good luck, you're walking or pushing a wheelbarrow when and where the government permits.

Clearly, your right to travel, contract and own property is effectively outlawed by prior restraint of government desires. In fact, your inherent rights and liberty in this respect really have been outlawed. The licenses and registrations you are required to perform are only necessary if the activity is inherently illegal! Your friends in government have criminalized your inherent rights to travel, property and contract in order to directly control your travel and property, to convert your freedom to taxable conduct and make your automobile a primary revenue source for government.

Mandatory Insurance is a Criminal Government Financial Scam

Mandatory insurance is another related government fraud and revenue scam. In most states, their governments have established mandatory insurance regulations at the insistence of the insurance industry. In California, these regulations were established during the tenure of a corrupt Commissioner of Insurance. As part of the regulations, the insurers are required to make cash deposit of a percentage of the face value of the mandated purchases of motorists. The state governments offer loans for these deposits from state investment funds to the insurers at below prime interest rates. In all cases, the state governments receive about 80% of the motorists' premiums and the insurers receive the remainder, assuring both the state and the insurers excellent and secure profits at your expense.

You might also be interested to know that the government investment funds which provide the loans to the insurers are not listed in the state's annual budget accounts. The profits the state receives from these accounts are also not mentioned in the annual budget income accounts. The fraud is extensive, deliberate and criminal. You are the sucker.

How the Law Actually Reads

Federal law describes a "motor vehicle" as a "vehicle in commerce, for the transportation of goods and persons for hire".

Federal definitions supersede state definitions. Federal law cannot apply to private, non-commercial conduct.

Private Right to Travel and Own and Operate Private Property

Personal travel and ownership and operation of private means of transportation are inherent rights which cannot be regulated.

Private vehicles are not "motor vehicles" defined by the legal term. Private vehicles are merely private property used in private activities, protected from government interference. Mandatory constant oversight, licensing, regulation, fees and taxes is inconsistent with rights of liberty, property, contract and travel.

If you hear the argument that driving an automobile or truck is an inherently dangerous activity, and that licensing of drivers, regulation and registration of cars and trucks and mandatory insurance are merely the right of society to secure the public safety, then I suggest you consider the following contradictory facts.

Are you a licensed private driver? When was the last physical examination of your "behind the wheel" driving ability? Was it when you were sixteen? Five, ten, twenty, fifty years ago? If your driving skills behind the wheel are not tested every year or two, there is no benefit of licensing for the safety of the public and no public safety need for licensing of the common driver.

No, licensing of private drivers and the extensive regulation of their vehicular property are not legitimate issues of public safety. These are issues of government control and government fleecing of the population.

Commercial Activity is Privilege and Can be Regulated

Commercial drivers and commercial vehicles operate on our highways and among our communities for profit and are reasonably subject to mandatory constant oversight, licensing, regulation, fees and taxes.

A vehicle required to be registered must be operated by a licensed driver. According to California law:

"CVC 260.

(a) A "commercial vehicle" is a motor vehicle of a type required to be registered under this code used or maintained for the transportation of persons for hire, compensation, or profit or designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of property.

(b) Passenger vehicles and house cars that are not used for the transportation of persons for hire, compensation, or profit are not commercial vehicles."

CVC 310.
A "driver's license" is a valid license to drive the type of motor vehicle or combination of vehicles for which a person is licensed under this code or by a foreign jurisdiction.
The employees of the State of California do not obey these law. There are few laws that the people in the  government of California are willing to obey.
Registration of All Motorized Vehicles as a Means of Urgent Identification
The original intention of the California legislature in 1905 which initiated the registration of motor vehicles was a proper use of the power of government for public safety. The original law required that owners identify their vehicles to the Secretary of State and the Secretary was instructed to provide the owner with an identifying disk which was required to be attached to the vehicle. A small fee, sufficient to pay the expense of keeping the vehicle registry and the manufacture of the registry discs was also imposed upon the owner.

In this initial law, the duty of the government was proper and the Citizens requirement that public safety be maintained was served. Each vehicle on our streets and highways was marked, just as livestock, horse and mule, so that ownership could be established without a major investigation. Public safety was served by safeguarding unattended property, assisting in the investigation and arrest of drivers of hit-and-run vehicles and in otherwise establishing, safeguarding and transferring ownership.

A tenet of lawful government is that the police powers cannot be used for revenue. The fee imposed upon registration obeyed that tenet. The fee paid the cost of regulation. With the adoption of the automobile as the preferred common means of private transportation and travel, the people of government recognized an income growth opportunity which enhanced their concepts of control and revenue harvesting.

First, government mandated driver licensing and vehicle regulation were quickly imposed upon commercial activities using our streets and highways. Public safety, traffic controls, equipment safety and wear and tear on our streets and infra-structure created genuine needs and costs which the conduct of commercial operators and drivers were justly required to pay for and obey. Private owners and drivers owned the roads and could not be compelled to surrender their liberties of property and travel to confiscatory regulation.

After the establishment and acceptance of regulation of commercial activity on our highways, the people of government began enforcing commercial standards of registration upon private vehicles and requiring driver testing and licensing of private drivers. This stealthy approach worked well by simply making the new demands at the DMV window when registering a vehicle. The clerks were instructed to NOT ASK if the registration was commercial or private, and to apply commercial requirements and fees in all instances. In fifty years, private driving and private ownership were converted from a common individual right to a crime, requiring licensing and confiscatory registration.

Today, 99 years after a good registration law was initiated, the drivers license is a terrorist government's tool, used as a national Identification system, as a terrorist tool to compel conduct unrelated to driving, to compel payment of taxes not owed and as a mandatory permit to cash checks, ride buses, enter public buildings and hundreds of other unintended purposes unrelated to the liberty to travel and own property. It is a serious crime and a matter of sedition by government people.

Licensing and registration are connected by singularity of government purpose.
Consider some of the other laws, regulations and codes that criminalize your inherent rights... I call these crimes "small terrors". They are terror-forced conduct that we would not ordinarily concede any power of government to force upon us, except that they are literally forced upon us by citation, arrest, trial, fines and imprisonment. If we decline to consent at any point, terror by threats or actual armed force... guns and handcuffs and worse, will be used to compel our submission to the so-called laws.

We have little ability to affect even the consideration of new laws which further restrict our liberty. Our representatives do not hear us or obey us. They are engaged in insurrection, imposing arbitrary rule with the force of terror.

I am concerned... when will the shooting start? When will government crimes become too criminal, too intrusive or too obnoxious for the ordinary Citizen to bear?

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