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Liberty and Rights
Liberty and Inherent Rights are the Obverse and Reverse of the Individual Citizen's coin.

Liberty is the ability to exercise individual Rights.

Our society's Defense of Liberty of individual Free Men and Free Women Citizens of our Free People in our Free and Self-Governed states and union of states is the sole purpose for our placing power over our lives and property in the hands of a select few of our fellow Citizens and trusting that our purpose will not be betrayed. So, what is this "Liberty" that must be defended or betrayed? I think that Liberty is the full possession and exercise of individual inherent Rights.A right without expression is a nullity. Liberty is the power of expression of rights.


Rights are the essense of a Free People of Free Men and Free Women
First among the rights of liberty is the right to exist.

Next among the rights of Liberty is the right to own, enjoy and dispose of Property.

At the top of the Property list is the property of Inherent Rights themselves.

Inherent Rights are individual Properties that cannot be transferred, gifted, bought, sold or surrendered.

Liberty is a meaningless term if the exercise of Rights can be arbitrarily limited or denied. Such "rights" are more logically described by the term "privilege".

Privileges are grants of immunity for conduct which would otherwise be prohibited and therefore cannot qualify as "Rights".

A right that is not exercised or cannot be defended is no "Right" at all.

Among the innumerable rights without definition that our founders considered sufficiently important to recognize explicitely and to deny any federal and state powers to interfer in them. These are few, by critically essential if we are to exist in liberty and self-determination, be capable of self-government and retain possession of these powers. These are the Rights of Liberty:

Freedom of individual establishment and exercise of religion
Freedom to communicate by speech and by publication
The right to assemble and to petition the government

The right to keep and bear arms.

The first three prohibitions on government use of powers are those necessary to ensure self-government, to alter and to remove government when we deem it in our best interest.

The right to keep and bear arms is the assurance that our will is enforceable upon a recalcitrant government population.

Liberty of all other rights flow from the enforcement of these few. We have lost all to the forces of govrnment except the their limited and conditional effects by license, permit and fee.

Liberty then, is the ability to exercise individual Rights.

The Defense of Liberty is the demand we make upon our governments, our representatives and our public servants. The presumptions by people in government to reverse the path of governing authority, and by the power assumed under their new presumption, to redefine our Rights as mere privileges to be withheld and regulated, are false presumptions, ripe for aggressive and undeniable rebuttal, repudiation and reprisal by the Citizens.


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