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Great Thefts of Sovereignty
Government controlled society presumes that government defines and controls the country's assets. Control of assets includes total identification and control of people, production, resources and revenue.

Control of the society is achieved by branding identity, defining currency, directing movement, optimizing production and harvesting aggregate values.

In the United States and the States, these goals have been effectively attained.

The Federal Reserve, an extra-constitutional banking system, has substituted fixed value money with variable value debt currency. (If you will recall, the Federal Reserve is the organization that produced the 1929 stock crash and the pre-WWII depression.)

Drivers licenses, social security enumeration and Tax Identifier numbers provide effective identification of the People.

Self reporting, sales and inventory reports, payroll, bank and investment withholding and reporting, and money laundering, organized crime and terrorism reporting effectively control financial resources and revenues.

Licensed activity regulation, import/export documentation, shipping and dispatching activities, highway checkpoints, weighing and inspection stations and related activities and regulations control commercial transportation of goods and people.

Drivers licenses, vehicle registration, mandatory insurance control private travel.

For all practical purposes, some part of government and its non government organizations regulated, permit, record and track every element of commerce and private activity in this country. This tracking enables analysis and influence of governing, commercial and private "independent" decision making.

The end result is that government planners now decide who will prosper and who will not, who will live well and who will die early or painfully, with the labor and wealth of the country's People channeled and guided to the people and purposes of government. This government mindset is abominable for a Free People. The Liberty of the People to pursue their lives and livelihoods independent of and protected from government influence is the purpose of government, I remind everyone. When government people induce and coerce the lives and livelihood of the Citizens, they have fallen into treason.

The People are already termed "Human Resources" and Human Capital". The currency and credit of the government is predicated upon the present and future labor and property of the People. The present and future labor of the People has already secured government spending into the next century. Our children have already been indentured to the payment of the government's existing debt. Their lives cannot be lived until the government piper is paid. Today's fee to the piper is about 50% of each worker's pay. Your children will be fortunate if the rate remains about the same and they only must provide 400 or 500 hours of national or state service per year.

Here are a few examples of lost liberty:

Liberty to Travel is denied by instituting mandatory passports and impressing commercial and professional licensing, registration and insurance upon the private activities and property of the general population.

Right of Property is denied by the effects of registration, taxation, mandatory insurance, codes and regulations for commercial and professional practice extended to private use and conversion of real property metes and bounds to lot and parcel addressing.

Right to Contract is denied by imposing licensing, permits, mandatory contracts, payroll deduction agreements and other mandates on private parties by adhesion through mandates imposed upon regulated parties.

Right of Counsel of Choice is prohibited by limiting "choice" to a selection from the State monopoly of State Licensed Attorneys

Right to keep and bear arms and of armed self-defense is destroyed by regulations prohibiting keeping and bearing arms without registration,  license and permit.

Exclusive adoption of 14th Amendment Federal citizenship supremacy over statutory State citizenship presumes the extinction of the Citizen of one of the United States described in the qualifications clauses of the federal Constitution.

Enumeration of all children at birth creates a presumption of federal citizenship, federal sovereignty and federal obligations.

Omission of state Citizens of the qualifications clauses as a political class from the laws and processes of our governments implies the deliberate Genocide of the founding and sovereign state Citizen political class.

Genocide of the state Citizens means the end of our constitutional republics. If the only citizens allowed to remain as voters, electors and officers are the creations of the government, then our People have become the property of the government, subject to all laws, all regulations and all rights, liberties and privileges that the government may deem to grant. What the government may grant, the government may alter or deny, as it may deem at any moment.

It is this kind of obsessive government that declares torture acceptable, approves secret kidnappings, anonymous and indefinite imprisonment without charges, counsel or trial, removal of citizenship, transfer to countries known to practice extensive torture and interrogations and which embarks  upon a war of aggression upon a people and their government for private purposes.

The crimes and failures of the people of this government must not be tolerated by the Citizens.

It is in our name that they claim authority of criminal conduct and it is from us that they steal the power and resources their ambitions require.

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