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The Construction and Purpose of Government
Governments are instituted to secure
the unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness
Individual Rights, Liberty and Sovereignty are complete and universal
Our Declaration of Independence rightly acknowledges that humans are born in full possession of all rights and powers of life, each free to travel about, each with the unlimited power to acquire, use and dispose of property, to procreate, to kill, to dominate, to modify his environment and to engage in all other conduct humanly possible.

Society is the successful cooperation of free and powerful individuals
A human's only natural restraint on his exercise of individual sovereignty is the presence of other humans acting also as they please. Society consists of the successful cooperation between humans of that society to moderate with the least restriction individual powers in order to enjoy the mutual benefits of association.

Individual Rights and Liberty are at the core of successful society
The defense of individual liberty and individual rights precedes all other needs of society, because the rights and liberty of society are merely reflections of the respect by society for the rights and liberty held by the least of their individual members. Tyranny or sacrifice of any single individual for the general welfare of his society is mutually destructive. It is of no matter if the tyranny is by abuse of delegated authority or by a vote of an irresponsible majority. Tyranny's teeth are unremarkable.

Citizens, as the People, created the states
In our country, certain of our inherent individual rights and powers are the source of all powers delegated for the establishment of our state institutions.

States created the Union, our federal government
Our state representatives, with our concurrence, created our federal government by delegating certain powers of the states for governing the union of states.

Declaration of Independence establishes purpose of state and federal governments
Our state and federal constitutions implement the spirit of our Declaration of Independence, providing the controls necessary for the preservation of individual rights, liberty and participation in self-governing by the People.

Delegation of powers is sharing of powers, not surrender of powers by the Citizens
Delegation is not surrender; it is a lease of uncertain duration at the pleasure of the People. The power of the Citizens, (they are the People), is infinite; the powers shared for governing are limited and temporary. Delegated powers may be exercised by individuals when they deem prudent and necessary. The individual right to use deadly force in the urgent defense of life, limb and property is one example of concurrent exercise of powers.

Governing Authority, Powers and Sovereignty reside in the People, not in our governments
It does not take a expert in constitutional law or the proverbial "rocket scientist" to understand and explain that the federal government has fewer and more limited powers than the states; and that the states have fewer and more limited powers than the People... and among the People, the individual Citizen is the ultimate source of both authority and powers for governing

Citizens with full Rights and Liberty are our country's Treasures.
It is the liberty and rights of the individual Citizen that invigorate our societies and our governments. Individual Citizens with inherent rights and liberty are our most valuable of all treasures. Are these not worth defending with our lives? Remember the pledge of our predecessors at the signing of the Declaration of Independence and consider how far we have fallen from that promise.

The People are the Masters of government; the people in government are our servants
The people who serve in governing capacities, serve the People as "Public Servants", that means "Servants of the People". Our servants, high and low, tend to have short memories regarding who governs and who rules. The People, consisting of the Citizens of the states are the "rulers" and those who serve in capacities within all our governments, ... well, ...they serve, they do not rule.


Please join me today to recover our rights and liberty
and to return the people in government to their proper status and duty in our service.


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