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Dave Champion - Patriot in Progress
Patriot, Author, Radio Host, Advocate for Personal Character, Competence and Engagement

Dave Champion Photo Dave Champion was born and raised in Southern California. At 19, Dave joined the military and became a U.S. Army Airborne Ranger. After leaving the military, Dave returned to Southern California and enjoyed early successes in business and law-enforcement.

That the IRS was above the law is disturbing to Dave, who believes that in a free country, no one is above the law. They say "truth is stranger than fiction" and those words were never truer than what you will discover inside Dave's new book, Income Tax: Shattering The Myths! The book is worth a dozen times the $100 cover price.

Dave is a powerful and experienced 2nd Amendment advocate.
http://www.davechampion.net/   Dave Champion
   October, 2010




Dave Champion Bust

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