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Insurrection, Treason and War
"War" is that state in which a country prosecutes its right by force.

A state of actual war may exist without having been formally declared by either party.

If a war be made by invasion of a foreign nation,
the president is bound, without legislative authority, to resist the force by force.


"Insurrection" may or may not culminate in an organized rebellion,
but a "civil war" always begins be insurrection against the lawful authority of the government.

A "civil war" is never solemnly declared, but becomes such
by the number, power and organization of the persons who originate and carry it on.


When parties in rebellion occupy and hold in hostile manner a certain territory,
declare their independence, cast off their allegiance, organize armies
and commence hostilities against their former sovereign,
the parties in rebellion are "belligerents" and the contest is a "war".

It is not necessary that both parties should be acknowledged
as independent nations or sovereign states.

"War" may exist where one of the
belligerent claimants claims sovereign rights as against the other.

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