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My Call for Peace and Respect for 2016 and Beyond -

2016 - Our Last Chance Exit From Crisis and Challenge?

We have entered another Presidential term.
One Nation, committed again, to suicide.

Again, we demand an expanded "structured liberty and a command economy" government imposing enduring debt by which we chain ourselves and our children to endless, fruitless labor.

We continue to
deliver our wealth, our children and our contentment to schemes for global conquest,

We continue to give up our lives and Futures
to destroy the parents and families of other lands for no better reason but that we can.

We have the power and the domestic will for American Empire at any cost at home or abroad.

We should be ashamed, but we are proud. This is not the way it is supposed to be.

Corrupt Institutions
We created government to preserve our inherent, individual Rights. Our representatives have betrayed us, allowed our courts, president and bureaucracies to take our Property, restrict our Liberty and destroy our Rights.

Vote for Liberty or Vote for betrayal by a "A Winner"
Your vote for an incumbent or a candidate from the Republican or Democrat party approves and guarantees lost Liberty, lost Rights, lost Property and loss of Control over the major decisions for your life and for your children's lives.

If you "Voted for a Winner", you empowered the winner. You are told that this was a "Smart" vote.
But it is treason.

It was smart for the Party and the Political Investors, but an insane
vote against your Rights, Liberty, Property and Self-Determination. It was a vote against yourself, against your family and against your children's future.

Sharing the Stolen Pie
Your representative has been bought, your proof is in the examination of the voting process and resulting record. Any "Bacon" or "Pork" your representative brings you are droppings left after the pot has been divided among the political investors and "stakeholders".

The "Pork" and Bacon" which you so highly prize are the stolen remnants of grand theft from yourself, your children, your fellow Americans and our future. Your representative can give you NOTHING which has not first been taken from you, your neighbors and the future of your children.

*  *  *
Reminder of our Purpose for Government

Our Declaration was simple, direct in purpose and unambiguous in its terms.

1. All Humans are created possessing Equal Right to Exist.

2. Each is endowed with certain Unalienable Rights.

3. We have instituted our governments to preserve our rights.

We must begin selecting loyal representatives to begin the repair of our institutions and restoration  of our Liberty.

The job will never end. We must remain eternally vigilant and active.

What kind of Society have we become? What kind of People will we be tomorrow?

We are the lawful Creators and "Deciders" of our Society.
We, not the governments we have created,
are our Country.
We, not our representatives and servant institutions,
are the sole authority and power for self-governing.
Those who betray us are rebels and our mortal enemies.
We must discipline treason and insurrection in our institutions.
We must oppose betrayal within our society.

There can be but one outcome, if we Will it to Be.
We are the free men and women
of a free and self-governed society.

We are our Future! .  .  .  if we have the will, it will be Free.

If we are too few or too weak to control our representatives and to influence our fellow Americans, we will risk a future in servitude or violence. Consider with great care the conduct you choose today. Intelligent action preceeds success. Words alone cannot secure Liberty.

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I am Henry Nicolle 

I am a Natural Citizen of Montana
one of the union states of the United States of America.
See Constitutional Qualifications: Article I, Section 2, Clause 2.

I stand for individual rights, dignity and 
responsibility, liberty, equality and accountability.

Our Revolution in 1776 was fought to secure our inherent rights and liberty.

Our purpose for government to be simply to preserve inherent rights of the individual, to protect our liberty to exercise those rights and finally, to protect individual rights to property and the pursuit of happiness.

Please join me to recover our rights and liberty,
to put down the rebellion by government people, 
and to take back our command of our
own destiny.

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Welcome to My Challenge to Recover Our Liberty!

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Liberty is never given, it must always be taken and aggressively defended.